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3D Modelling with Maya

Posted: August 18th, 2012
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(Note: This article is to be fleshed out once I can install Maya again to access my saved models and screenshot them!)

For a little while just before work began on that XNA RTS game that was quickly cancelled, I was trying to learn 3D modelling in Maya. Me and my accomplice were both programmers, we recognized we were going to have problems with art right away, so I volunteered to try and learn some modelling. I’m not saying I became a virtuoso, but over the few months I was working through the included “Getting Started” tutorial I think I learnt a lot of the basics, and I did produce a number of simple in-game objects that were sadly never used. The largest object I attempted was the main character for a future game which was to be a platformer/puzzle game where you controlled a mouse through a house full of wacky obstacles to escape to freedom. Obviously the game never happened, but I do have a short video of the rigged mouse model with a simple animation.



Canned WP7 RTS game

Posted: February 22nd, 2012

Today I want to briefly talk about a cancelled project from around the time I finished University. Myself and a friend began building a game for this new platform called Windows Phone.