Canned WP7 RTS game

Today I want to briefly talk about a cancelled project from around the time I finished University. Myself and a friend began building a game for this new platform called Windows Phone.



The project was of course in C# and utilizing the excellent XNA game creation framework which takes a lot of the nasty maths away, but we probably only worked on it for a month. In that time we had a very basic scene set up with terrain generated from a bitmap, as well as some models. Some may recognise the model of the man as being from the XNA sample projects, and he is, he was the first experiment with animation. There’s also a plant which was acquired from a free models website (I forget where, sorry) and a grey, untextured stick. The stick is part of what I was working on which was seperating animations from models – XNA didn’t handle FBX model files especially well and would only read the first animation sequence, discarding the rest. So I was working on storing animations seperately and loading them as part of the FBX load process.
The stick animates in two different ways, you might notice: Both loaded from external files.

I present it as more of a curiosity than anything else, since a lot of it is pieced-together sample code.