Oh fiddlesticks
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Hi, my name’s Ben. I live in England and I write code for lots of different things.

I’m a developer at a sportswear store working mostly in Perl. I have a degree in Computer Science and I did a bunch of fun stuff a few years ago to get that.

Away from my job I like to work on mobile games and some other bits of general tinkering. More often than not I’m messing with this website, so if anything’s broken I probably got distracted mid-update by something shiny.

When I’m AFK I’m either playing Xbox, one of my guitars, or just reading and trying to make sense of the internet. I’m also a slightly obsessive Microsoft watcher and fan, regular viewer of Windows Weekly on TWiT and nostalgic for things most people don’t know existed. Oh, and I like baking delicious cakes… because when was the last time you were offered cake and said no?

That’s about it. Wanna know about something? Well I’m gonna put a message form up eventually, but you can also grab me on Twitter.


Whoa! Some updates for 2016! Hopefully old posts will be a bit better formatted, and more of the theme will work. Still a few tweaks to make but no showstoppers – so go enjoy!