Xbox mods

A nerd through and through, I quite like hardware modding too, and I’m fierce with a soldering iron in my hand. Here’s some mods and paint jobs I’ve done in the past.


Modded original Xbox with gold paint, clear Xbox jewel and blue chasing lights.Custom blue and black paint on my Xbox 360

Back around 2004 I became interested in modifying my Xbox console. Reasons were numerous, but the homebrew scene on the original Xbox was a big draw. In particular, since I’m a big Halo fan, some of the mod tools that existed for the earlier games were interesting… I remember being able to swap weapons abilities and skins, so a pistol would shoot rockets etc.


I bought a Xenium ICE mod chip (solderless pogo pin adapter installation) and installed it. If memory serves, I ran the popular EvoX BIOS from the chip and booted directly in to Xbox Media Center (yes, I used XBMC when it was only for the Xbox.)
As well as the chip, I decorated the case as well. The “X” on the top of the console got painted gold, and a small, simple custom PCB I got etched in my Electronics class which powered 10 blue LEDs. Those LED’s formed a ring around the “jewel” in the center of the consoles lid and chased around in a circle, and could be turned on/off using a switch fitted to the rear.

I’ve recently modded another original Xbox, but it needs a little TLC to be pretty enough for pictures, so maybe I’ll post about that sometime soon. For now, pictures of my original Xbox…


Inside the modded original Xbox, showing the Xenium modchip.Inside the modded original Xbox, showing the LEDs.Inside the modded original Xbox, a closer view of the LEDs.Inside the modded original Xbox, the Xenium modchip's own LED with the console on.An attempt to photograph the chasing LEDs in the original XboxThe switch on the rear of the modified Xbox, which controls the chasing LEDs

Moving on, around 2007 I decorated my nearly-new Xbox 360. I was able to do it without opening the console (and thus, voiding the warranty) which was handy, and I painted up the controllers too. The machine has since red ringed and been repaired in Frankfurt and still looks as good as the pictures – the controllers… well they take more of a beating and as a result the paint of one is badly peeled, but the other is in decent shape.


Disassembled Xbox 360 controllers with a new paint jobThe front piece of an Xbox 360 controller with a fresh paint job