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For my final project at University I undertook the task of trying to solve jigsaw puzzles computationally, and reasonably automatically. This download comprises the final Java source code of that Jigsaw Solver project – almost but not quite working. This project depends on the Java Advanced Image IO Library to be able to parse TIFF images, so you’ll need to get that too.

I’d strongly recommend you read the overview of the year-long research project below before diving in!


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Solving jigsaw puzzles

In the final year of my degree course we had to design and implement a project entirely of our own choosing – some made iOS apps, some made travel/mapping aids, all manner of things. I was personally quite stuck on what I wanted to do – it’s difficult to decide what you want the biggest project you’ve built thus far to be, especially given the choice of potentially doing something easier and getting it done sooner. I began looking through the personal pages of every lecturer who was available as a project overseer, and came across the suggestion of trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle. At first I skipped over it because when I thought about how I’d implement it, my brain returned a big fat null.

Ultimately, that’s the very reason I chose it. “No point in half measures,” I thought, so I jumped in to the deep end of a project with no clue how I was going to make it happen.

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