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IP.Board Portal

As a teenager I was very active on technology discussion forums, and became the in-house developer for several. Modifying themes for Invision Power Board (now IP.Board), and tweaks to any external web sites or front pages were my general jobs, although I did make a few skins from scratch way back when.

The largest project I ever undertook was for a large community of over 30,000 members – the site had previously had a web site front end linked to their forum, but lost it during some upgrades. I created a new portal for them which linked in to their forums and displayed the top news posts, as well as most recent posts across the whole board, popular downloads, and a custom poll widget. I also created an extensive admin panel allowing admins to control exactly which forums the top/most recent posts were drawn from and set the poll.
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Building company site design

While working for a small local building company in 2008 as a general office run around and telephone answer-er, I was experimenting with basic ideas for a website for the company. At the time their web presence was little more than a small magazine-style ad on a local business page, and that seemed unnecessary.

No fancy php here, just a basic design/layout prototype and a little Javascript for the larger image popups. I present screenshots both from my initial prototyping and a later revision with “real” content and layout.



Incidentally, the company does now have it’s own website, which isn’t that dissimilar in appearance and scope. Four more images after the break.
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