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South West Scaffolding website design

Posted: January 9th, 2014

Quick web project today…

My employer in 2013 also ran a scaffolding company, and one of my first tasks (probably as a test) was to redesign and implement a new site atop WordPress. Having never used WordPress for anything other than this blog before it was a little daunting, and parts of it are hacked together rather than done properly, but it does work.


 Movie Carol (2015)

Above the fold features the nav, a service guarantee, various accreditations and a short slideshow of sample jobs, and from there we break in to three columns to enumerate the types of work the company will undertake.

It’s still live so have a look yourself. Not the most interesting site in any sense, but a pretty sharp design I think.

Movie Carol (2015)

Movie Carol (2015)