Pong project

Pong was a short project attempting to clean up my code base for Pinball, as well as rectify several nasty and hard-to-catch bugs who were only really present because Pinball was based directly on the first Haxe code I’d written which as you can guess, wasn’t totally solid. Eventually the need to rewrite a lot of my core code is what made me cease development on Pinball, although Pong did help resolve several issues. It was also built while Atari was running it’s Pong Indie Developer Challenge, so I wanted to experiment with some alternate game modes, hence the strange selection of gametypes on offer (multiball is still my favourite).


Incidentally, this is also the only game thus far that I’ve built for the BlackBerry PlayBook, mainly because it was added as a HaXe target in the same week as I finished development. Any shipped title would likely appear on BlackBerry since I own a PlayBook, but due to the screen resolution differences I don’t want to target it during active development (I’ll lump 16:9 screens in with the Android problem of having too many resolutions to target, and I’ll get to it later.)